Bridge Loans | Mezzanine Financing

Bridge loans and Mezzanine financing are very similar and serve similar purposes.  Bridge loans typically bridge the gap between one type of a loan and another.  You’ll find bridge loans bridging the gap between construction loans and permanent financing for instance.

Mezzanine loans usually fill a gap.  It’s the financing that spans an owner capital input and the loans used as a first mortgage.  Regardless of what type of interim financing one needs or whether they refer to it as a Bridge Loan or as Mezzanine Financing, these loans are very beneficial and when use property can help businesses accomplish their goals

Whether our clients need a purchase loan for apartments or to recapitalize a business, Dividend America can help formulate a plan that leads to success.  Bridge loans and mezzanine financing is available from Atlanta, GA to Phoenix, AZ and across the nation we meet the needs of our client by providing them with:

Quick closings on commercial loans from 10 – 14 days
Up to 65% financing … and higher on certain property types
Terms for fixed rates  from  1 – 3 years or up to 5 years in some situations
Interest only payments for the life of the loan
No or very low prepayment penalties with the ability to buy down the term
-0- due diligence fees!
Available in Atlanta, GA; Phoenix, AZ; or any other major city in the USA

Dividend America offers the loans that pay dividends for your business or enterprise. 

Loans can be used for:

°   Investment/REO purchase – Apartments, Office Buildings, Retail Shopping Centers, Mixed Use
°   Acquisition & Development – Including stabilization and end construction
°   Business Recapitalization – Real estate must be involved
°   Cash Out
°   Down Payment on other Real Estate Purchases
°   Seed Money for Start Ups
…any other business or commercial enterprise where the deal is secured by assets, the business makes money and there is a solid plan to repay the loan prior to the repayment date.

From Atlanta, GA to Phoenix, AZ and all across this nation we help entrepreneurs, investors and businesses by providing bridge loans and mezzanine financing along with other  business loans and commercial loans that fit their needs.  Bridge loans of all sizes are right here and we stand ready to serve with a commitment of quality and integrity to all of our customers.

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