Car Wash Loans

Financing for car washes has always been a challenge.  But today loans for car washes (or ‘car wash loans’) are made easier by the changes in the SBA 504 program.  At Dividend America we know how get deals done and financing for car washes is one of the things we do very well.
With business loans for car washes in our portfolio we are helping entrepreneurs with commercial loans for car washes and financing car wash operations in many locations.  With the start of the full service car wash craze in cities like Phoenix, AZ and Austin, TX we have seen the phenomenon spread east to cities like  Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC and we have found great demand for car wash loans.

While financing for car washes can present some challenges including environmental and appraisals our car wash loans take these challenges in stride making for successful closings on loans for car washes of all types and sizes.  With SBA 7(a) and SBA 504 loans for car washes environmental or appraisal programs becomes easier because money to take care of deficiencies in the property can be obtained.

For financing car washes in Atlanta, GA; Phoenix, AZ; Austin, TX; Charlotte, NC or any other state in the nation, Dividend America provides loans for car wash refinancing, loans for car wash purchase or commercial construction loans for car wash construction and development.

Our programs offer:

Low fixed rates
Up to 90% financing
Fixed rate terms from 5 – 10 years
With real estate get up to 25 year amortization
Low and flexible prepayment penalties
Low costs and -0- due diligence fees!

Dividend America offers the loans that pay dividends for your business.  We specialize in:

Debt Consolidation and Refinance Loans:

Consolidate small loans and leases with a larger loan and obtain cash for continuing operations.  This car wash loan can save thousands of dollars per year and increase valuable cash flow.  Let us show you what a full service car wash refinance loan can do for your bottom line.

Car Wash Construction and Development Loan:

Do you know of a market that is ripe for a car wash?  Financing for commercial construction loans for car washes is available.  Especially if the car wash is a franchise or proven business model.  Give us a call for financing car wash construction and development and get your project off the ground quickly.

Car Wash Purchase Loans:

Buying a car wash has never been easier.  Whether you intend to purchase a car wash in Atlanta, GA; Phoenix, AZ or any other city in the USA the experts at Dividend America can help by providing expert advice, exceptional service and no due diligence fees!

We have all types of loans for car washes and we know how to finance a full service car wash.  Business loans for car washes when combined with a SBA loan are our specialty and we get them done even when  banks have said NO!

From Atlanta, GA to Phoenix, AZ and from Charlotte, NC to Austin, TX and all across this nation we help entrepreneurs and business people who own or want to own car washes by providing business loans that fit their needs.  Business loans for car washes of all sizes are right here and we stand ready to serve with a commitment of quality and integrity to all of our customers.

If you have any questions I invite you to call.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve,
Michael Gross