Debtor in Possession Financing with Dividend America Commercial Lending provides a wide variety of businesses with the opportunity to recapitalize.  DIP Financing can be used in many different ways, however, the majority of business owners utilize Debtor in Possession financing to pay off first lien holders on commercial real estate.

DIP Financing wtih Dividend America can be used for multiple purposes; business growth capital, loan repayment on commercial real estate, short-pay.

Every situation is different and Dividend America Commercial Lending is an expert at planning strategies to put the right type of Debtor in Possession financing in place.  Our expansive lending platform is leveraged to identify the right type of lending facility that helps our clients reestablish their business, take advantage of short-pay opportunities and ‘re-set’ their companies for the new economic realities.

For expert advice about DIP financing or to see if your firm qualifies for Debtor in Possession financing contact us and we’ll help you get started.

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