Financing for Doctors

100% Financing for Medical Practices is available right now from the experts at Dividend America.  We finance Doctors Practices using special loans for doctors and loans for medical practices.  Medical professionals are busy people that need and deserve special services. 

At Dividend America we offer an easy step by step approach that leads to success for the medical professionals we assist.  With 100% financing for doctors and other loans for doctors we are helping build and grow medical professional’s career from Atlanta, GA all the way to Phoenix, AZ and across this great neation. 

Doctors, Surgeons and other Medical Practices are learning that Dividend America has the resources they need to get 100% Financing for their medical practices. We meet the needs of our client by providing them with:

Our programs offer:

»     Some of the lowest rates, fixed for extended periods.
»     100% financing for medical practices of all types
»     Terms for fixed rates  from 5 – 10 years
»     Add  real estate to you medical loan and get up to 25 year amortization
»     Low and flexible prepayment penalties with the ability to buy down the term
»     Low overall loan costs and -0- due diligence fees!

Available in Atlanta, GA; Phoenix, AZ; or any other major city in the USA

Dividend America offers the loans that pay dividends for your business.  Loans can be used for:

Debt Consolidation Loans for Doctors:

Use our doctor’s practice loan to consolidate many different  loans including lingering college tuition and loans used to upgrade equipment and loans used to finance the purchase other doctor practices.  This business loan for doctors is a great way to solidify your medical practice.

100% for Doctors Practice Acquistions:

Use Doctors Practice Acquisition Financing for medical professionals to finance the purchase of medical practices or to finance the buyout existing doctor partners.  As a general business lender, we are very familiar with the timelines involved with sensitive business purchases!

Expand, Upgrade or Remodel Doctors Office or Medical Buildings:

Is it time for an upgrade?  Dividend America provides up to 100% financing to update a tired medical office or to finance the expansion or remodel of a medical office building.  Purchase more modern equipment or purchase a larger building as part of financing 100% of medical practice acquisition.  Special financing for doctors helps create efficiencies in the system and lower costs for all of us.  We are proud to offer 100% financing for medical practices.

Building Purchase Loans for Medical Practices:

Buying a building?  It’s no problem for us.  We have the capital that medical professionals and doctors need to get the type of facility specific to their need.  Dividend America started out teaching professionals how to invest in real estate.  We can show you how that building can pay for itself!

We have all types of loans for doctors and we know how to finance a doctor’s practice.  Doctors looking for special service get what they need at Dividend America.  Business loans for doctors are not specialized but servicing a doctor’s practice is a specialty.  We know how busy medical professionals are and we know how to make the lending process easy.

From Atlanta, GA to Phoenix, AZ and all across this nation we help doctors by providing business loans that fit their needs.  Business loans for doctors practices of all sizes are right here and we stand ready to serve with a commitment of quality and integrity to all of our customers.

If you have any questions I invite you to call.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve,

Michael Gross