Self Storage Facility Loans

Financing for Self Storage Facilities and loans for self storage buildings have been difficult to obtain in recent years.  However, borrowers with the requisite experience and self storage facilities with the appropriate cash flows are eligible for financing.  Eligible cities include Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ, Charlotte, NC, Greenville, SC, Raleigh, NC, San Diego, CA, Austin, TX and Jacksonville, Fl.  Many other major metropolitan cities in the US may qualify as well.

Loans for self storage businesses, financing for self storage facilities or commercial mortgages for self storage buildings are a classic hybrid type commercial loan.  Commercial loans for self storage facilities are a mix of a commercial mortgage and business loan blended together.

In the past financing for self storage facilities was difficult because loans for self storage buildings defined a self storage facility as a real estate investment and the owners of self storage facilities were considered to be real estate investors.  Today commercial loans for self storage facilities define the business as owner occupied and this has opened the door to quick approval of business loans for self storage facilities.

At Dividend America we offer an easy step by step approach that leads to success for the investors, entrepreneurs and real estate professionals we assist to obtain commercial mortgages self storage building and business loans for self storage facilities.  With up to 90% financing for self storage facilities real estate investors and companies that invest in real estate, we are helping build and grow self storage facility portfolios from Atlanta, GA all the way to Phoenix, AZ and in cities like Charlotte, NC, Raleigh, NC, Greenville, SC, San Diego, CA and Austin, TX. 

Whether our clients need a purchase loan for self storage buildings or a self storage facility loan refinance our commercial self storage lending staff help by providing our clients with low rates and no due diligences on commercial self storage building mortgages and business loans.  We meet the needs of our client by providing them with:

Some of the lowest rates for commercial purchase loans or to refinance self storage loans
Up to 90% financing for self storage facilities of all types
Terms for fixed rates  from 5 – 7 years
Self Storage Facility Loan amortization up to 20 years in some cases
Low and flexible prepayment penalties with the ability to buy down the term
Low overall loan costs and -0- due diligence fees!
Available in Atlanta, GA; Phoenix, AZ; Charlotte, NC; Raleigh, NC; Greenville, SC;
Austin, TX; San Diego, CA or any other major city in the USA

Dividend America offers the loans that pay dividends for your business.  Loans can be used for:

Debt Consolidation Loans for Self Storage Facilities:

Use our self storage business loan and self storage building mortgage to consolidate many different  loans including lingering lines of credit and loans used to upgrade units and loans used to finance the purchase other mini storage projects.  This business loan for real estate is a great way to increase the cash flow of self storage facilities.

Self Storage Facility Acquisition & Development Loans:

Acquisition & Development loans for self storage buildings can be used to purchase existing self storage buildings and rehabilitate and remodel or this type of self storage facility loan can be used to purchase land and build a new self storage building or entire self storage facility.  In rural markets financing for mini storage buildings can even be obtained with the support of the USDA making the loans easier to qualify for with lower interest rates and longer term fixed periods.

Some of the leaders at Dividend America are involved in self storage facility business  and do acquisition and development deals themselves.  They have the expertise to help every commercial mortgage for self storage facilities project succeed.

Self Storage Facility Purchase Loans:

Self Storage Facility loans for purchase of an self storage facility are available with fixed term rates or very low variable rates and loan to values as high as 90%. Commercial mortgages to purchase a self storage facility allow investors to obtain the necessary leverage to stretch investment dollars for greater returns.

From Atlanta, GA to Phoenix, AZ and in cities like Charlotte, NC, Greenville, SC, Raleigh, NC, Austin TX, and San Diego, CA and all across this nation we help self storage business operators and mini storage building investors by providing business loans that fit their needs.  Business loans for self storage facilities of all sizes are right here and we stand ready to serve with a commitment of quality and integrity to all of our customers.

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