Doctor Practice Financing, Financing for Doctors & Dentists, Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ

Medical Office Financing comes in many different forms.  However, today I want to focus on one specific type of medical office financing and that is the commercial mortgage for medical office buildings.  Many doctors’ practices are beginning to understand the value of purchasing a medical office building.  And there are many opportunities for great deals from Atlanta, GA to Phoenix, AZ and other major cities.

With the recent crash in real estate, the price of a medical office building or of ...

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100% Financing for Doctors, Dentists and Other Medical Professionals

Dividend America is proud to announce that we now have up to 100% financing for Doctors and Dentists – Medical Professionals.  The special programs allow doctors or dentists access to the capital they need to start a business or to expand an existing business. This program applies to other medical practices, too, like pharmacies and optometrists.

Doctors can receive up to ...

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