Dividend America – A Unique Funding Platform

Dividend America, founded in 1998, is a multi-strategy transaction origination platform operating in all 50 states.  Through their diverse business experience and leadership, the partners of Dividend America supply expertise in business restructuring, real estate financing, preferred equity investments, construction funding and other complex business financing solutions. Dividend America’s pipeline of current loan and lending-related transactions exceeds $500 million.

Dividend America has assisted 125-year-old investment banking firms, hedge funds and other non-bank lenders with origination, processing and pre-underwriting transactions across all 50 states. Over its 14-year history, 10 of those as an origination and processing platform, Dividend America professionals have assisted with loans from $500,000 to $65 million and has originated over $10 billion dollars of commercial, multifamily and small business lending opportunities.

Solutions Oriented Approach

Dividend America is a solutions oriented business advisory and commercial lending company.  Our expansive lending platform gives us the ability to fund loans from $250,000 to $75,000,000.  We take a consultative approach with our clients which allows us to be an advisor, partner and lending resource that provides all kinds of solutions in today’s challenging and competitive business environment.

With an average origination pipeline approaching $1 billion, we have become an expert at finding a home for hard to place loans.  Our channel funding partners and solutions oriented approach means that deals get done and loans get closed, even when other lenders said no.  Acting as an origination, processing and pre-underwriting unit wiht funding sources that range from investment banks to equity capital to REITs, hedge funds and family offices and private wealth, we have the ability to structure almost any transaction and close loans when our customers need it most!

Our clients and customers needs come first.  Many times this means that we help our customers restructure their businesses, advise on non-related transactiuon opportunities and create cost savings that pay our fees without incurring additional expenses.

In cases where our borrowing customers have unsuccessfully sought financing from a long-time lending partner we have provided advice on how their current lender could restructure the transaction and successfully close the loan.  Whether consulting or funding the entire capital stack, we are proficient at meeting a wide array of customer and client needs and are often called upon to find creative solutions for unusual problems.

Structured Finance

No deal is to challenging, give us a call with your scenario and we’ll show you how our diverse knowledge can benefit you in today’s competitive business environment.  Our expertise doesn’t just stop with lending … through our association with our channel funding partners and advisers, we help our customers take their business to the next level through equity raise and the creation of joint venture partnerships.  We have a solution for every situation.

One of our more creative approaches is deal structuring.  Structured Finance is nothing more than having the resources and capital connections to put together every piece of the capital stack.  We have those connections and we help our customers achieve their goals and grow their business by providing not only traditional style solutions but a mix of structured finance solutions that includes equity, bridge and mezzanine loans.

We hope you enjoy learning about the great people that make Dividend America, LLC such a special company.   We also hope you enjoy reading their special perspectives in their blogs.  We love to teach almost as much as we crave to learn and grow.


From all of us at Dividend America, LLC