Business Capital Solutions

Dividend America, LLC prides itself on being more than a lender … we are a solutions provider! We pride ourselves in being able to connect businesses with capital no matter their situation.

Lending today can be tough and there a few standard things that borrowers need to consider when seeking a loan.  Times have changed and the lending environment feels like a maze.  The days of calling a banker and telling them how much you need and having it waiting ‘at the table’ are gone.

So, what now? How do companies and investors obtain the vital capital they need to grow, expand and succeed?

A complete shift in the thinking is needed by borrowers.  Perhaps even more important is borrowers need a resource for loans that has a myriad of funding outlets.


A+ Solutions For those that have established track records and plenty of money there are many conventional loan options that have low rates and competitive terms.

Our A+ Solutions loans can be used across a wide spectrum of needs.  From cash-out refinances, refinancing to lower rates, obtaining credit lines to supplement cash flow or for buying and upgrading equipment, our conventional loans fit many business borrowing and capital needs.

Guaranteed Solutions There are some lending solutions that help those with challenges qualify for a loan.  These ‘guaranteed’ solutions are government backed loans that limit the lenders liability in cases of default.  Because lenders have lower risk, they are typically willing to allow for more lenient underwriting guidelines.

Check out our Guaranteed Solutions, from SBA 7(a) to SBA 504 and VERY flexible USDA loans, we have guaranteed solutions that businesses and developers.

Challenging Solutions Some situations are tougher than others.  When lender after lender says NO, we find ways to say yes!  Being a solutions driven company we are constantly seeking out opportunity.  Our broad lending platform coupled with a wide variety of business experience of our team allows us to find solutions to fit those unusual and challenging situations.  We have a solution that fits!

Taking Business to the Next Level

For Dividend America Commercial Lending, it’s not just enough to have the creative solutions that help businesses and investors thrive.  We want to help our clients take their businesses to the next level!  To do this we’ve partnered with firms to expand our funding prowess.

Dividend America Commercial lending provides a multitude of creative solutions including structured finance options that mix bridge loans, mezzanine financing and equity investments to help businesses and commercial real estate investors build and grow their businesses.

With Equity we can create investments into general partnerships (GP) or limited partnerships (LP) or even create equity loans in a structure that invests in a company or property.  Our creative Bridge loans act as senior debt to help businesses pay off Discounted Payoff offers from their banks thereby lowering the debt and cost basis of the company and helping them to reestablish themselves on a firm foundation for growth.

Our Mezzanine financing further assists businesses and commercial real estate investor and commercial real estate agents by providing a creative solution to funding interest reserves and tenant improvements (TI) over time.  Equity whether for investment or loans, Bridge loans and Mezzanine financing can all be combined into one structured finance to provide the entire capital stack for more complex transactions.

The professionals at Dividend America Commercial Lending are proud to offer these much needed creative financing solutions.  To see what we can do for your business or investing future, give us a call today!