Gas Station Loans | Financing for Gas Stations

Financing for gas stations is available in several forms. The easiest loans to obtain for gas stations and convenience stores are ones backed by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

Modern gas stationGas station loans come with many challenges including potential environmental factors and appraisal valuations. With SBA 7(a) and SBA 504 loans, it is possible to include funding in the loan to remediate environmental issues or to address appraisal problems.

Financing gas stations in Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ, or any other state in the nation is a straightforward process with Dividend America. We provide loans for gas station refinancing, purchase, or for station upgrades.

Gas Station Financing Program Highlights

»     Low fixed rates
»     Up  to 90% loan-to-value financing
»     Fixed rate terms from 5 – 10 years
»     Up to 25 year amortization when real estate is included in the loan collateral
»     Low and flexible prepayment penalties
»     Low costs and -0- due diligence fees!

Dividend America offers the loans that pay dividends for your business. Some of our special programs include:

Debt Consolidation and Refinance Loans

Consolidate small loans and leases with a larger loan and obtain cash for continuing operations.  This gas station loan can save thousands of dollars per year and increase valuable cash flow.  Let us show you what a gas station refinance loan can do for your bottom line.

Equipment Upgrade and Renovation Loans

Old gas stationIs it time for new pumps, a new canopy, better shelving or a total makeover for your property?  This gas station loan is all the financing you need to add a car wash, upgrade pumps or purchase better coolers making your gas station run more efficiently and make more money!

Gas Station Purchase Loans

Buying a gas station has never been easier.  Whether you intend to purchase a gas station in Atlanta, GA; Phoenix, AZ or any other city in the USA, the experts at Dividend America can help by providing expert advice, exceptional service and no due diligence fees!

Apply Here ButtonWe have several types of loans for gas station and the expertise to help you choose the best option for your situation. Business loans for gas stations are our specialty and we get them done even when banks have said “NO!”

If you have any questions I invite you to call.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve,

Michael Gross