Self Storage Financing

Self storage financing has been difficult to obtain in recent years. However, experienced borrowers or self storage facilities with good cash flows are eligible for great rates and terms. Our program applies to facilities across the United States.

Self Storage FacilityLoans for self storage businesses and facilities are a classic hybrid type of commercial loan. They are a mix of a commercial mortgage and business loan blended together and are based upon our small business loan program.

At Dividend America we offer an easy, step-by-step approach that leads to success for the investors, entrepreneurs and real estate professionals we assist. With up to 90% financing for self storage facilities, our program provides the capital you need to grow.

Self Storage Financing Program Benefits & Uses

  • Up to 90% financing for qualified borrowers and properties
  • Terms of 5 to 25 years
  • Flexible prepayment terms
  • Low closing and diligence costs
  • Available nationwide

Refinance and Debt Consolidation Loans

Use our self storage business loan and self storage building mortgage to consolidate outstanding debts, including: lines of credit, loans used to upgrade units, purchase loans, seller financing, or even business credit cards.  This program allows you to reduce your interest expenses while increasing your cash flow.

Construction Loans

Construction loans can be used to purchase land and build a new facility. In rural markets, we are able to utilize the support of the USDA, which makes the loan easier to qualify for with lower interest rates and longer term fixed periods than would otherwise be available.

Purchase Loans

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Purchase loans are available with fixed term rates or very low variable rates and loan to values as high as 90%. Our program offers very competitive rates and terms for experienced borrowers and proven properties.

Special Purpose Financing

Do you have a challenging situation that doesn’t “fit in the box”? We can help by bringing numerous strategies to bear to resolve issues with cash flow problems, bankruptcies, partner buyouts, tax issues, etc. Contact us today and let us help get you get back on the path to success!