Conventional Lending

All these choices … One SOLUTION!

There are many types of conventional loans available on the market today.  Even though the news media makes a big play at convincing the public that banks are lending, the truth is quite the opposite.  We have an expansive lending platform and have access to loans with funding from $500,000 to $150,000,000.

Below are just a few of the solutions available through more traditional channels known as conventional loans.  If the type loan you are looking for isn’t listed below then just give us a call.  The number and types of loans that are available are far to numerous to list here.

Business Expansion & Redevelopment  (Cash-Out)

These types of loans are available for companies that want to expand, improve or just want cash for reserves.  Companies must have positive cash flow and/or equity in real estate.

Real Estate Purchase & Refinance Loans

A commercial real estate purchase loan comes in many forms.  This is a list of the basic parameters for this type of loan:

  • Owner Occupied Properties with as little as 10% down.
  • Investment real estate purchases require down payments of 25% or more.
  • SBA loans can be used and are preferred when owner occupied properties are involved in a purchase.  (51% of the property must be occupied by the owner/company)  See SBA 7(a) & SBA 504 Positive cash flow is required.

Rate & Term Refinance

Rate and term refinance loans are easy to obtain in most situations.  Many companies use these loans to refinance their SBA loans and get more favorable terms.

Development Loans

Apply Here ButtonDevelopment loans are available to investors and companies that have money to invest in the transaction.  Equity in land is equivalent to a cash investment.  Other types of ‘owner investment’ include fund partnerships.