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Fullfilling career opportunities are available at Dividend America.  We are hiring and we have career opportunities for loan officers, lending consultants and loan professionals.  If you are tired of the over regulated, bloated bureaucracy that big bank lending has become or if you were a residential loan officer or residential mortgage broker who is fed up with the limitations on your income then we have a career opportunity that is perfect for you! Dividend America is seeking professional, career minded, self starters that want the freedom and opportunity to grow their incomes without the limitations typical in today’s restrictive, controlling lender work environments.  We have an expansive lending platform, we lend in al 50 states and we can provide the guidance to take your career in new and exciting direction. To find out how loan officers can get back to making six figure incomes without working 80 hour work weeks give us a call.  Average commissions on closings can range from $15,000 to $25,000.  Established loan officers can begin to close one deal per month in as little as 180 days. Imagine making a six figure income again.  Imagine making the kind of income you are worth.  Imagine having the peace of mind to spend with family again.  You can have it all and we provide that opportunity.  Make a six figure income again.  We come from the Mortgage Broker world, we know the value of our work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit.  Come share that with us. [raw]

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