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Origination, Processing, Marketing & More!

Dividend America Commercial Lending is not like any other platform in the market today.  We provide our funding partners with a way to reduce the high cost of origination and processing opportunities into their pipelines.  Additionally, our unique approach puts us, the originator, on your side of the table!

As an origination, processing and pre-underwriting platform, our channel funding partners can be confident that opportunities originated into their pipelines have been fully vetted.  The advantage of partnering with DACL as your origination, processing and pre-underwriting platform is that your team can be confident that the opportunity being reviewed is specific to your underwriting criteria.

DACL’s proprietary marketing strategies coupled with the executives extensive experience provides our funding partners with lower cost of origination, higher close ratios and more solid/experienced sponsors.  Contact us today and find out how we can help you lower costs while increasing opportunities and, most importantly, to find out how it feels to have an advocate representing your interest in the market place!

For more information contact Michael Gross, President at 404-819-4511 or email at