Multifamily Acquisition Loans & Apartment Loan Refinance – The Big Easy

Multifamily Acquisition Loans

In recent years it has been tough to get any type of financing and when financing was offered the down payments and sponsor equity requirements were as high as 35%.  However, today’s multifamily acquisition loans can be very attractive with loan to value ratios as high 80% and with interest rates below 4% on a 30-year amortization with 3-, 5- and even 7-year fixed periods!

For the multifamily investors that purchase B-class and C-class apartment communities and multifamily residential properties in primary and strong secondary markets, small balance multifamily acquisition loans are the way to go.  With some of the easiest qualifying standards and government backing, the loans typically close quickly, no more 90-180 day wait times to close.

Apartment Loan Refinance

Apartment loan refinance as also been a tough category, especially for B-class and C-class operators.  With today’s GSE back loans, apartment building and apartment community owners need not worry.  Using the same multifamily residential financing program guidelines for acquisitions, now refinancing has become advantageous.

Many apartment loans, CMBS loans and multifamily acquisition loans are being refinanced and rates are dropping drastically, increasing cash flows for owners and even allowing for cash-out to complete capital improvements or to be used to make additional acquisitions!


The Big Easy

So how does this process work?  Well, it’s actually fairly easy!  To find out how easy just contact the experts in Multifamily Acquisition Finance and Apartment Loan Refinance at Dividend America Commercial Lending.  Michael Gross, President of DACL is available and so is his team of expert advisors and all are ready to assist with closings in as little as 30 days from receipt of a full package!  Call 404-549-6756 or email .


Dividend America Commercial Lending provides Multifamily Financing and Apartment Loans in all 50 states and focusing on the markets and sub markets listed in the S&P Case Shiller Home Price Index and the surrounding secondary markets to those cities.  We look for opportunities in:  Boston, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, San Diego, New York, San Francisco, Phoenix, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Detroit, Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Charlotte, Dallas / Fort Worth, Portland, Seattle, Cleveland, Oklahoma City, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Nashville, Kansas City, Louisville, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Raleigh, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Jose, Saint Louis, Tucson, Austin, Baltimore.