Apartment Purchase & Rehab Loans are available for the Purchase of Distressed Multifamily Assets around the United States of America. These loans come in the form of Hard Money Loans, Private Equity Loans and more traditional Bridge Loans for apartment communities and multifamily developments.

Private Equity loans, also referred to as Private Money, are the most flexible with regard to terms for apartment purchase and rehab financing. These loans can require lower down payments but will require the borrowers to have stronger industry experience and will require them to give up some ownership percentage in the project to the lender even when the loan is paid back.

Hard money loans and bridge loans for the purchase of distressed multifamily assets are the first choice for many borrowers. These loans require slightly more equity input from the sponsors (buyers) but ultimately will allow the purchaser to retain 100% ownership after the loan is repaid. The deal must be strong to get flexible terms and much of the lending decision is based upon the transaction.

If you or your team have experience with multifamily or apartment community investing, there are now many options and strategies available if you need apartment purchase and rehab loans to the purchase of stable or distressed multifamily assets. Give the experts at Dividend America Commercial Lending a call.

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