Assisted Living Facility Construction Lending without HUD!

Assisted living facility construction lending without HUD approval is an unfulfilled need in the assisted living facility development and construction industry. And finally some Wall Street investment firms are beginning to fill the void with non-HUD assisted living facility construction loans that DO NOT require HUD approval or a HUD certificate of need for final approval.

The new programs give developers of assisted living facilities, skilled nursing centers, senior housing and medical office buildings a viable alternative to the convoluted and slow process of HUD back construction financing. These commercial construction loans can close in as little as 60 days and include an interest only period along with a mini-perm loan to get the project to stabilization.

Popular cities for assisted living facility construction and development include Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ, Charlotte, NC, Chicago, IL, San Diego, CA and Jacksonville, FL. For frustrated assisted living facility development developers and those that desire to build these facilities to meet coming demand, this news comes at the right time!

With many assisted living facilities being antiquated and outdated, new assisted living facility construction is needed immediately to keep up with what is sure to be overwhelming demand. Many major cities like Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ, Charlotte, NC, Chicago, IL, San Diego, CA and Jacksonville, FL have migrating and/or aging populations that desire more modern and technologically advanced living environments.

Assisted living facility developers need to get started today. To find out how to obtain assisted living facility financing that is not HUD dependent for approval assisted living facility developers and operators can visit Dividend America Commercial Lending’s Assist Living Facility financing page. Or for quick answers fill out the easy app.