Bridge loans for commercial business loans is one of the fastest ways to fund a business capital need.  With the lack of venture capital and angel investors in the market, sometimes the alternative for business capital is a Bridge Loans.

Bridge loans, also referred to business gap lending or just gap lending are commercial business loans that can be molded to a number of business needs.  From providing the operating capital to get a newly constructed project from construction to stabilization to funding specific projects, these loans can take the place of non-existent venture capital and angel investment.

If your business has assets, inventory and /or real estate then a Bridge loan may help you ‘bridge’ the gap between your cash-on-hand and the capital you need to grow your business.  To get all the answers to your gap lending needs, go to the Dividend America | Commercial Lending web site and learn all about Bridge loans, mezzanine funding and hard money financing.

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