Commercial Real Estate Loans, Insurance Conduits and Life Insurance Conduit Lending offer Low Interest Rate Commercial Real Estate Loans to borrowers with good cash flowing properties.  Also known as Insurance Syndication Lending and Mortgage/Investment Bank Syndication Loans, Conduit Loans are typically offered through non-traditional channels.

Borrowers seeking extremely low interest rates fixed for long period of time and having longer than 15 year amortization periods are encouraged to look into Life Insurance Conduit Lending and Insurance Syndication Conduit Loans.  They can expect rates ranging from the mid 4’s to a high in the 5’s.  Percentage varies based on Loan to Value and Debt Service Coverage Ratio.

Conduit Loans, Life Insurance Conduit Lending or Insurance Syndication Loans are not normal bank loans and therefore, the approval process for these loans will be slightly different from traditional lending.  However, borrowers can expect to close in 45-60 days, just as they would with a normal bank issued loan.

To find out more about Commercial Real Estate Loans or Life Insurance Syndication Conduit Lending, call the experts at Dividend America Commercial Lending.  Dividend America has a wide variety of Conduit Loans available and is currently syndication loans on Neighborhood Shopping Centers, Multifamily Developments, Office Complexes and large Office Buildings and Hotels.

Hot property types that are experiencing fast conduit loan closings are Hotel and Flagged Hospitality, Neighborhood Shopping Centers, Regional Shopping Centers and Mixed Use properties that include large Office Buildings, Multifamily and Retail/Shopping.

To find out if your project qualifies for low interest rates, long fixed terms and longer amortization periods, apply online using the online easy app at Dividend America (dot)Com.  To talk with an expert call Dividend America and speak with Mike Gross 404-819-4511 with offices in Atlanta, GA and consultants in Phoenix, AZ, Chicago, IL, Charlotte, NC, Tampa, FL, Dallas, TX, San Diego, CA, Philadelphia, PA and New York, NY.