We buy distressed multifamily assets and our appetite is huge.  We look like a lender, but we are really deal makers.  Our expansive lending platform is also a multi-strategy investment platform.  While this confuses some, it’s very simple when you think about it.

As a non-bank lender we deploy capital for wealthy families (aka – Family Offices), high net worth individuals (aka – Private Wealth), hedge funds, REIT’s (Real Estate Investment Trusts) and large investors.  All of these entities consider the ‘loans’ they make to be ‘investments’.  That’s right, INVESTMENTS!

Ergo, when a borrower is not available to purchase a quality project, these investors are interested in stepping in as the investing entity.  Being multi-strategy means that we can take any position in a trade that we desire or see a profitable.  This opens up a world of opportunity for us and our partners.

We purchase distressed multifamily assets.  We also purchase distressed commercial properties.  We purchased non-performing notes on multifamily properties, apartment complexes, shopping centers and office complexes.  Buying distressed multifamily assets and distressed commercial properties or non-performing notes or even portfolios of properties is not foreign to us.

We understand the strategies and we understand the needs of the sellers.  If you are a commercial real estate agent specializing in [-distressed and REO properties, or maybe you are an REO manager, portfolio manager or distressed asset manager at a bank or lending institution, we can help you clear non-performing properties and underperforming assets from your books quickly.

Each quarter we take on a number of projects for REO managers, commercial real estate professionals specializing in distressed assets and distressed asset managers with the sole purpose of clearing assets from their books by the end of each quarter.  Our investors have committed large amounts of capital to us but because of manpower constraints we are only capable of deploying a certain amount each quarter.

We are seeking to connect with those individuals or companies that are tasked with liquidating distressed multifamily assets, distressed commercial properties, non-performing notes, and REO/Foreclosed multifamily and commercial portfolios.  If you are tasked with liquidating these assets and you need to do so quickly and efficiently, please contact the experts at Dividend America Commercial Lending.

Our multi-strategy platform is designed to purchase entire portfolios or single properties.  We have a mandate to deploy capital and we are seeking to do it as efficiently as possible.  If you have properties that you need off your books by quarter’s end, please contact Michael Gross, President, Dividend America, LLC direct at 404-549-6756 or email him at .

Use our Online Easy App to tell about your project … fast, simple, efficient!

Lending and purchasing distressed multifamily portfolios, REO, commercial portfolios and non-performing notes in all primary markets and even strong secondary markets in all 50 states.