Equity and Joint Ventures – Understanding the Cost

Most commercial real estate investors today instinctively know that they need to investigate Equity and Joint Venture structures to get deals done but most don’t really understand the cost in today’s market.  In order to understand the cost of Equity and Joint Venture funding structures commercial real estate investors and commercial real estate agents must first understand that there are unseen costs that are hurting their ability to make successful deals.

The Cost of Lost Opportunity

The primary cost to most commercial real estate businesses whether they are CRE Agents/Agencies or CRE Investment Firms, is the Cost of Lost Opportunity.  The Cost of Lost Opportunity is the cost associated with not making a deal happen or not moving forward because of a perceived or mental barrier against the soft costs associated with accepting non-traditional financing.

The Cost of Lost Opportunity has been devastating to many commercial real estate developers, commercial real estate agents and agencies, and commercial real estate investors.  A lack of realization that traditional lenders with low points and low long-term rates have left the market for the most part and that void has been filled with ‘opportunistic’ funding sources with higher cost has paralyzed many commercial real estate professionals.

Understanding that giving up a share of potential profits in order to make great strides in their business has caused the lost of hundreds of millions of dollars for commercial real estate investors in today’s market.  In Equity and Joint Venture structures, the cost of the money may seem prohibitive at first, but the reality is the leverage that these structure provide can help commercial real estate investors with limited cash make huge purchases viable and can facilitate the rapid growth of portfolios.

Understanding the Cost of Equity and Joint Venture Structures

Equity and Joint Venture structures admittedly come with costs that seem higher than traditional lending sources, however …. continued here ….

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