Multifamily Loans with High LTV’s and Quick Closings are the holy grail of investors seeking to capitalize on the purchase of nonperforming notes for apartment communities, distressed multifamily developments and REO assets.  With constrained capital markets and limited equity available to them, smaller commercial real estate investors and developers have had trouble absorbing all the great deals leaving the majority to larger national or international REIT and Life companies.

Now that problem has been solved.  A new financing option allows commercial real estate investors and developers to finance the purchase of distressed multifamily developments, REO assets and multifamily nonperforming notes with leverage of 90% LTV and even up to 100% LTV.  This new loan facility can provide all of the funds, up to 100% of the cost to purchase, for multifamily development and apartment communities.

Multifamily loans with high LTV’s and quick closings are the name of the game in this competitive market.  Commercial real estate investors and developers can compete and it is very easy to prepare for fast approval and quick closing of their multifamily loan with high LTV’s, from 90-100%.  The first thing to do is make sure that all documentation is packaged.  Remember in today’s world of financing and loans, you need more than just a great deal and little experience.  You’ll want to have the sponsors package ready, proforma on the project being purchased and as much historical operational data on the property being purchased as possible.

Multifamily loans with High LTV’s and Quick Closings are achievable when the sponsors (borrowers and their partners) have decent reserves, approximately 15-20% of the purchase price, have a good bio with experience and can show a solid proforma that indicates increased future value.  For more information on multifamily financing and apartment loans with high LTV’s fill out our easy app online at or call Michael Gross, President, Dividend America | Commercial Lending at 404-549-6756 and email him at .

Dividend America, LLC is a nationwide commercial lender.  We have consultants on the ground in Dallas, TX, Austin, TX, Houston TX, San Antonio, TX, Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ, Chicago, IL and Charlotte, NC and we lend in all 50 states.  DACL is unique in that we act as an origination unit for multiple funding sources helping them to target and reach the borrowing client that fits perfectly within defined risk parameters.  We’d love to show you how our diverse lending platform and collection of funding partners can help you achieve your companies financing goals.