According to Inc. magazine  in 2010 the self-storage industry was in the Top 10 best industries to start a business. It is also an industry that was not hit by the subprime mortgage crisis. Why is it that self-storage facilities loans are so popular with financing facilities? Well in cities like Jacksonville, FL, Charlotte, NC, Raleigh, NC and Atlanta, GA with the housing challenges people are moving into smaller places and there is a great need to store their possessions.  

Self-storage financing is attractive for lenders because the facilities prove to have a steady monthly income. Cash flow is one of the #1 lender sweet spots. Financing for Self Storage Facilities is a 22 billion dollar industry and since it encompasses 90% owner occupied, there are a blend of loan options available.  Self-storage facility loans and financing for self-storage facilities has become much easier in recent years with easier qualifying and more options!

Dividend America can assist with Self Storage Facility loans whether purchasing an existing facility or constructing one. Our lending resources are looking to increase their portfolios for the Jacksonville, FL, Charlotte, NC, Raleigh, NC and Atlanta, GA areas. We can also supply lending through out the US. Self-storage facility loans provide up to 90% on owner occupied, terms fixed for 5-7 years amortization up to 20 years, and no due diligence fees.

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