Small Business Loans

Small Business Loans with Working Capital

Small business loans with working capital are great for businesses looking to expand, acquire a building or new location or purchase another business.  Working capital is essentially extra money set aside to use for the cost of expansion which allows the business to utilize its current cash flow for growth.

Small Business Loans and Equipment Purchases

In a situation where a small business needs to purchase additional equipment to support growing demand for their product or service, many times the cost of the additional and the cost of personnel to run the equipment will stress the existing cash flow of the business.  It is not until the new equipment is up and running and meeting customer demand that the new equipment will increase the profits and cash flow of the company.

Enter the small business loan with working capital option!  Small business loans with working capital are loans that provide money for the expansion, purchase of additional equipment but also include an extra amount to cover the expense of hiring new employees and paying for the costs associated with more raw materials, hiring, etc.  The working capital component of a small business loan is often overlooked by many big banks and larger lenders that do not understand the daily challenges of running a small business.

Small Business Loans and Commercial Real Estate Purchases

An even more pressing need for working capital needs to be fulfilled can be when a small business decides to purchase a building for existing operations or expands by purchasing commercial real estate for other locations.  The purchase of commercial real estate can be a fantastic way for a small business to add a valuable asset to their bottom line and increase the overall value of their business, however, it can also create expenses that stress the cash flow during a move or during set up of the new location.

That is where having an expert small business finance team can really come to the rescue.  Small business loans with working capital can help to defer the costs associated with moving and new location set up essentially relieving any strain on current cash flows allowing the business to continue smooth and stable growth during an expansion.

To find out how much money your small business could receive using a small business loan with working capital strategy give the experts at Dividend America Commercial Lending a call.  Fill out our Online Easy App here. We lend in all 50 states!  Providing small business lending and working capital solutions not just small business loans with working capital!