An Apartment Loan for Small Balance Loans

The ultimate in apartment loan for small balance loans is the Enterprise Funding Program.   This program accesses the lowest rate product on the market for apartment loans with rates that dip below 4%, and go as low as 2.875% in some cases!

Apartment loans for small balance loans, whether for refinance or acquisition, virtually disappeared with the collapse of the CMBS market.  Today an apartment loan for small balance loans, those loans from $1 million to $5 million has returned and is a huge benefit to those commercial real estate investors who invest in apartment buildings, apartment complexes and smaller multifamily developments.

Enterprise Funding Program for an Apartment Loan & Multifamily Financing

The Enterprise Funding Program for and apartment loan and multifamily financing is available for all classes of buildings and communities and for many different experience levels of commercial real estate investors.  Today, multifamily financing can provide up to 80% LTV for acquisitions and rate and term refinances with rates that range in the mid to high 3%.  With LTV’s below 75% rate get even more aggressive, even dipping into the high 2% range.

This special multifamily financing has long fixed periods, up to 10 years and even longer amortization periods, 25 years!  Making the move to one of these extremely low rate loans means that refinancing existing multifamily financing may make sense even if it means paying a prepayment penalty.

Multifamily Financing Contacts

For a free consultation on the status of your current apartment loan or multifamily financing and whether it makes since to refinance, even if you have a prepayment  penalty, contact the experts at DACL.  They can give you all the answers you need.  Call Michael Gross at 404-549-6756 or email

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